Transformation Series: Michaela’s Story

Michaela Miller's Running Transformation Story

I’m not going to lie, I don’t particularly like to run. I don’t wake up and think, “yay! I’m running today!”. But I do it anyways. I do it because I can. Because 4 years ago I couldn’t and I don’t  want to take this ability for granted again.

Plus the high I get from running is the best feeling. Maybe I don’t want to do it to start out, and maybe it sucks the whole time (some runs are better than others) but I never regret running. I always feel amazing after. I’m always glad and proud for pushing through and getting it done anyways. It’s the best feeling and the best stress reliever!

TTC: What is one tip you wish you could tell every beginner runner? 

Michaela: Just start small, you don’t  have to run a mile. Just run as long as you can and build on it over time! Before you know it you’ll be running miles! Plural!

TTC: What keeps you going when you really want to stop?

Michaela: My mantra, “because I can”.

TTC: Tell us about one of your best runs ever.

Michaela: I think my best run was my first Bolder Boulder, 3 years ago. I had wanted to run in the BB for years (I live in Colorado), and not only was I finally able to run it, I completed it in under an hour! I was so proud!

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