Top 5 Running Podcasts to Listen to While Out on a Run

Here are my current top 5 running podcasts that I listen to while out on a run (or while stuck in my car wishing I was on a run). They have all been around for a while, so you’ll find tons of episodes to choose from. Trust me, these will provide you with hours of great running listening material.

1. The Rich Roll Podcast

My running podcast for inspiration (and longer runs)

Rich Roll’s podcast takes the cake for me in terms of running podcasts. This is because he’s down to earth, smart, and super likable, but also because the episodes tend to be long — sometimes lasting up to two hours. They are long because Rich asks his guests to go deep. He asks the right questions and my guess is that he has an incredible way of putting people at ease.

Also, since he’s been in the game for a long time, he has served as an inspiration to many of the incredible athletes and activists that appear on the show. This may be another reason his guests share such amazing gems about themselves and their experiences. His book Finding Ultra has changed so many lives.

If you want to be inspired, motivated, and learn about incredible human feats, you won’t be disappointed by the breadth of wisdom Rich Roll and his guests have to share. By the way, you can also watch the interviews on his YouTube channel.

2. Hurdle with Emily Abbate

The running podcast for when you need real talk

Emily invites accomplished athletes, including elite runners and their coaches, onto her podcast. She has a fast-paced interview style and makes you feel as if you’re just hanging out with a friend. She gives it to you straight and gets into the why’s and the how’s of her guests’ careers and experiences that got them to where they are now. This is a terrific running podcast for when you need some motivation, humor, and an uplifting boost.

3. Ali on the Run

The running podcast for camaraderie

Ali is a formidable runner and fitness enthusiast who started a blog in 2010 to make like-minded friends. She jokes on her blog that it worked!

To give you an idea, while writing this, her most recent podcast is with Shalane Flanagan… so yes, it definitely worked. Ali is honest, so very likable, and has really great running tips to share. Like Emily, Ali makes you feel as if you’ve just made a new friend. Definitely worth a listen!

4. Running for Real

The running podcast for major tips

Listen to Tina Muir, a mother and super accomplished runner, interview elite athletes, doctors, and dietitians with the intention of helping you run to the best of your ability. If you’re looking for straight up running tips, this is the podcast for you. While some of the other podcasts mentioned here tend to veer a little more into the personal or psychological, Running for Real keeps it pretty strictly about how to become a better runner.

5. TED Talks Health

The running podcast for shorter runs

Do you know TED has a podcast dedicated to health and wellness? Well, now you do. In terms of running podcasts, this isn’t the most obvious, but you’ll know why I included it.

Listen to researchers talk about how to develop habits (ahem, how to stick to a running schedule), and explain fascinating medical breakthroughs.  The caliber of speakers is impressive and you’re bound to find many talks that’ll benefit your running.

Looking for videos to get inspired from? Check out these YouTube videos.

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