Solutions to 9 of Your Running Problems

Got running problems? Here are solutions for 9 frequent running problems you may have encountered.

1. I can’t run continuously.

That’s okay! I confess: I used to obsess over this. I thought that running continuously for twenty minutes for example was better than taking walking breaks and exercising for longer. Use the proven run/walk method! That will help get you running continuously for longer sooner (and it can have other benefits, too). And otherwise, sloooow down. Way down – more thank you think to keep your heart rate low and improve your endurance.

2. I don’t know which running shoes to get.

Pick the coolest looking ones. Duh!

Just kidding. The Tip Club tip: go to a running store and get fitted. For sure. It’s not great to guesstimate here; find out if you overpronate or heel strike for example. You’ll feel confident knowing a professional picked the right shoes out for you and you’ll also get the opportunity to pick their brain! They can provide tons of useful information about your stride.

3. I don’t have the right workout clothes.

Me neither. I swear by men’s undershirts and I’m not even kidding. They’re loose around the arms and you can tie them in a knot to make a cute crop top. Otherwise, I run in just a sports bra — yes, you should just go for it f you feel like it. Granted, cotton is not always the best material to run in for longer distances.

And it’s true that workout clothes, if they’re new or you just really like them, can make you want to wear them and therefore exercise. Here’s a surprising recommendation (to me at least). You don’t have to break the bank to find cute and effective activewear.

4. I don’t want to wash my hair after every run.

Obviously it depends on how often you’re exercising, but if you’re running often, please say hello to the slick bun: your new best friend. Washing your hair too often results in dry ends and greasy hair at the scalp. And no one’s looking for that. What we certainly don’t mind though is a classy, post-intense sweating sess, lewk.

5. I have my period and don’t feel like running.

Unfortunately for you: “There’s no scientific reason to not work out while menstruating.” What a bummer. I know, it can be tough to muster the energy to just go out and do it, but exercise is a proven method to alleviate period-related discomfort and pain. You may not hit that PR, but you’ll welcome the endorphins and likely feel better.

6. I don’t know how to plan for hydration.

The most obvious solution is to hold your water bottle. This isn’t my favorite but when all else fails, just carry it. If you don’t want hold anything in your hand, which is totally understandable, use a running belt or vest: here are the best ones.

If that’s annoying or you don’t have one, either plan a run where you’ll pass by water fountains, or drop water bottles along your running route if you’re headed on a longer run. You can sneakily hide them behind bushes or trees. The Tip Club tip: write a note that say “This WILL be consumed and was not left here by accident. Please do not be a good citizen and pick up this non-trash.”

7. I’m scared of encountering a crazy man (or bear).

Carry bear spray! Or this pepper gel designed specifically for runners.

8. I have no running friends.

Sign up for a virtual race! Or, tell your non-running friends to meet you for a walk, coffee, or lunch at the end point of your run. Who knows, seeing you happy and accomplished may just inspire them to join you next time.

9. I don’t have the motivation to go running.

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