21 Best Running Blogs for Women by Women [2020]

If you’re looking for practical and inspiring running blogs, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top 21 running blogs for women by women. Get all the running inspiration your need!

There are hundreds of running blogs out there and it can be difficult to find the truly standout running blogs out there. We’ve decided to do the hard work for you and give you the absolute cream of the crop.

Whether you’re a beginner runner or a seasoned runner, these blogs provide the tools, tips, and inspiration you need to reach your running goals.

Running for Real


Want truly great advice from a pro? Look no further: check out Tina Muir’s blog and podcast. She is a former elite runner who impulsively quit running in 2017 when she noticed she had slowly but surely started hating running. Her focus had shifted from enjoying the sport to trying to look like other elite runners, and having not had a period in nine years, she realized something was deeply wrong. Tina is an incredible source for advice on what makes for a healthy running lifestyle. If you’re looking for practical running tips, and inspiration, Tina Muir’s running blog and podcast is for you.

Laura Norris Running


Laura is a RRCA certified running coach and distance runner based in Indiana. You’ll find super practical information on how to train and race better, but you’ll also learn more about her and her own running goals. Basically, if you’ve got any running question (i.e. how the heck do you run with a stroller and enjoy it?), she’s got you covered.

Hungry Runner Girl


Janae has been running since she was 12 years and her love of running is apparent in her posts. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, or daily recaps chronicling the day of a runner, mom, and partner, then follow her blog. You’ll be able to relate to her ‘running as me time’ approach, and something else worth mentioning is that she tends to include tons of photos in her posts for those of us visual creatures.

Run Eat Repeat


As you’ve probably guessed: Monica loves eating, and she loves running. She has ran over 50 half marathons and 30 full marathons and she’s got great running trips. Discover her podcast, recipes, and training plans on her running blog.

Sara Kurth


Sara Kurth has been running for over 20 years and has some legit advice for you when it comes to running, marathoning, and striving to do your best. She’s a running coach with an impressive track record who is rooting for you and provides crème de la crème advice.

Run To The Finish


Amanda Brooks started her blog in 2007 with the hopes of connecting with other runners. Since then, she has gotten her Personal Training Certification and has written well over 2000 super thorough posts. Find all kinds of useful information on training, gear, and how to prevent running injuries. She’s got a great sense of humor and you can even work with her as a running coach.

Food Fitness Flora


Flora originally began an Instagram account to help keep her accountable for eating three healthy meals a day, and years later now has a terrific blog and YouTube channel. Flora provides helpful tips she has accrued from experience, and her own running coaches, and she is a great advocate for cross-training (she enjoys boxing among lots of other forms of exercise).

Lazy Girl Running


Lazy Girl Running provides super practical running tips and guides for beginner runners. If you’re looking for a beginner training guide, running group (in the UK), or coach, definitely check out this running blog.

Running Brina


Sabrina is a running coach and marathoner based in NYC. Like many avid runners, she used to hate exercising and thought that runners must have been born runners. Talk about coming a long way. You’ll find helpful info on races, nutrition, and coaching on her running blog.

Badass Lady Gang


If you’re looking for an amazing running community, look no further. You can find a Badass Lady Gang near you, or even start your own! Participate in races, their book club, and get training plans. If you’re looking for a group with the mission of empowering women, this is the group for you.

Anna The Apple


Anna adores running, and it is so apparent by reading her blog. She prefers long distances but will take any opportunity to run, in moderation that is (she loves apples, and she loves cake too). Follow her running journey as she documents her training, races, and PBs.

Black Girls RUN!


Black Girls RUN! is an amazing resource for community, running groups, and races. It was founded in 2009 with the mission of empowering black women who disproportionally face health challenges to run and get active. You can read our interview with the incredible CEO here. Join their awesome Facebook group, a local BGR! running group, and check out their blog for tips and race announcements.

The PhD Runner


Follow Emma’s blog and her running journey as she collects medals, takes on new running challenges, and reports back to you. She keeps it real with consistent updates, and you can count on her for honest accounts of what it’s like to train for a race, succeed, and get injured.

Belle’s Running Blog


Follow Belle’s running journey as she chronicles her training, provides race reviews, and provide healthy lifestyle tips. She considers herself an “average-ish runner who is full of enthusiasm” and encourages beginner runners to go for it. She’s got great tips from experience for beginners, and she’s also got some hilarious stories to tell.

Shut Up + Run


If you’re in need of no-nonsense motivation, check out Beth Risdon’s running blog. She’s got a killer sense of humor and tell-it-like-it-is attitude, and I wish I could go running with her. Find info on races, product reviews, and perhaps most notably, read about her incredible achievements.

Cat Storey


Over the years, Cat Storey’s blog has morphed into a solely (sort of) running blog. She’s got a corporate job and shares all thoughts on the experience of being a runner, training updates, and race reviews. When Cat Storey vents (for example about how what you look like does not determine whether or not you are a runner), you sigh a big sigh of relief. Someone gets it. Check out Cat Storey’s blog and find humor and authenticity.

Taking The Long Way Home


Wendy has been running most of her life and it’s truly inspiring to read about her training and accomplishments. When reading her blog, you really feel like you’re hanging out with a friend. Something else worth mentioning: Wendy has rheumatoid arthritis, which certainly has not prevented her from running. She reminds us that tweaking your training is not the end of the world and all things are possible!

Go Do


Emily Rudow’s blog is a gorgeous one, and you can find all sorts of running topics on her site. As a novice in 2008, Emily has an incredibly impressive track record since: she has run several marathons (including the TSC NYC Marathon and the Boston Marathon), ultra marathons (including a 100-miler), has broken a world record by running 74 consecutive half marathons, and has run an overall average of 10 kilometers a days over the past THREE YEARS. If you have a goal in mind and need some inspiration, definitely learn more about Emily.

Runnin’ For Sweets


Maggie is a Michigan native with a passion for running and everything outdoors. After years of battling a sugar addiction, she was able to find a strategy that worked for her and shares it, along with countless other running tips, workouts, and resources, on her blog.

Ali On The Run


Ali is an impressive runner, incredible podcast host, and blogger who is super relatable and is sure to lift your spirits. If you don’t already listen to her podcast, definitely give it a go on your next run, and discover must read and race recaps on her blog.

Run Young 50


If you’re a runner over 50, are interested in women’s running history, or are simply impressed by incredible women runners, this is the blog for you. Katie Holmes started running in 2011 at the age of 47 and since then has competed in countless cross country and track races, even participating in a 24-hour running event: the Equinox24. Katie is incredibly inspiring and has a truly beautiful running blog worth following.

Need some expert advice? Find out what the pros want you to know.

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